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press coverage 2023

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Ukrainians now have the opportunity to learn foreign languages for free on the Akelius platform

2023-02-03 | uamedia.eu

It doesn't matter what your level of foreign language proficiency is for studying... read more or download PDF


Unlocking learning

2023-02-01 | UNICEF

The use of education technology to support disadvantaged children’s language learning and social inclusion in Italy... read more


The use of digital learning to support the education and inclusion of refugees and migrant children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2023-02-01 | UNICEF

This research presents critical findings on the implementation and effectiveness of the Akelius digital learning application in Bosnia and Herzegovina... read more

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Successful learning of foreign languages for children in primary schools

2023-01-24 | UNICEF

The students of the fifth grade of primary school "Ostrožac" in Cazin have been attending the Akelius... read more

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The e-learning platform that supports refugee children in Greek schools

2023-01-18 | UNICEF

Huda and Jihad are primary school students from Syria, who attend the 9th Primary School in Ioannina... read more