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press coverage 2022

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Annual review 2022

2022-12-22 | YouTube

Review of 2022 about our partnership with UNICEF... watch video

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Akelius mission to review start of digital language learning project

2022-11-09 | YouTube

In November 2022 Akelius was evaluating the conditions to start the language online course for students in elementary school in... watch video

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Learning platform supports learning continuity and social inclusion of children fleeing the war in Ukraine

2022-06-28 | reliefweb

The war in Ukraine – and the destruction wrought on the education system – is having a dramatic impact on the lives... read more

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With poor command of the language, kids experience difficulties expressing themselves

2022-06-28 | UNICEF

One of the capital’s largest schools – school-lyceum #53 named after Bauyrzhan Momyshuly... read more

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Akelius, the e-learning platform that supports Ukrainian refugees in Italian schools

2022-06-28 | YouTube

The Akelius Digital Language Learning Course, now being piloted by UNICEF in 10 countries, is made available on tablets... watch video

Italy: E-learning platform for language learning launched at schools

2022-06-20 | Infomigrants

UNICEF and the Akelius foundation have introduced an e-learning platform into Italian schools for language learning.... read more


Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General

2022-06-14 | United Nations

On education, through a public-private partnership between UNICEF and the Swedish Akelius Foundation, 2,000 primary students... read more

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Climbing higher and higher: How children learn literacy skills using the Akelius platform

2022-05-23 | UNICEF

Botagoz Baurzhankyzy, a 12-year-old girl, attends secondary school No. 186 in Akzhar village, Almaty region.... read more

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Akelius Foundation and UNICEF make sure no child misses out on education during the pandemic

2022-03-08 | UNICEF

First I went to school in Iraq for a year, then for three years in Greece, and then another year in Bosnia... read more