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Mauritania’s first digital learning program: Akelius Digital French Course

2021-12-23 | UNICEF

To facilitate the acquisition of French language by marginalized children and adolescents, UNICEF Mauritania partnered with Akelius... read more

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The implementation and effectiveness of digital learning for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

2021-12-01 | UNICEF

The Office of Research – Innocenti is UNICEF’s dedicated research centre. It undertakes research on emerging or current issues... read more


"Little Prince" of Ušivak

2021-11-12 | UNICEF

Girls and boys learn English in a fun way, through Akelius methodology.... read more

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Education opportunities should be accessible to all refugee and migrant children

2021-07-05 | friends of Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a transit country on the migration route to Western Europe. More than 67,000 refugees... read more

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Akelius language learning for refugee and migrant children in Usivak

2020-11-03 | YouTube

Refugee and migrant children learn English using tablets and the Akelius method. ... watch video

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Akelius utbildningsprojekt hjälper barn att integreras i samhället

2018-06-01 | UNICEF

Sedan 2018 driver Akelius Foundation tillsammans med UNICEF ett utbildningsprojekt.... read more