Akelius Languages Online gGmbH


The Akelius Languages Online gGmbH develops a digital language application.
Anyone can use the language course to learn a new language, independent of language skills or languages spoken.

The language course is a cooperation between the Akelius Foundation and UNICEF, produced through us as a subsidiary.

The language project started in 2015 during the European migrant crisis.
Roger Akelius wanted to provide fast and unbureaucratic help for more than 163,000 migrants coming to Sweden.
The idea was to help refugees learn the local language when settling in the new country.
Not being able to communicate in the language of the host country constitutes a barrier for integration.

To help solve this problem, we started an official partnership with UNICEF in 2018 to develop language courses in Greek, English and French.

Our portfolio has grown over the last five years.
We now offer language courses in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Polish.
Polish got recently added to help refugee children from Ukraine to prepare for their school start in Poland.

So far, the language course has been used in pilot projects in informal and formal education in Greece, Lebanon, Mauritania, Mozambique, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Mexico and Kazakhstan.
São Tomé and Príncipe and Cape Verde started with the implementation of the language course in 2022 and in Bhutan in 2023.

The language courses are available online on computers, tablets and smartphones and are free for everyone.
The Android application can be downloaded from the PlayStore and then used online or offline.

Anyone can embark upon a new language learning journey fast, with practical examples, 
and fun through games.
Our methodology is tailored to suit a variety of learning styles. 
Our application offers innovative learning methods such as

- lectures 
- games 
- songs

- guessings 
- mathematics 
- grammar lessons 
- audiobooks 

You can track your progress at all times. 
Assess your language skills with built-in tests.

You can download your lesson and continue learning offline, 
without Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

Boost your language skills step by step with Akelius Languages.